Double Exposure Blackjack Explained for Online Gamblers

Double exposure blackjack is also known as the Two Card game. It is a variant of blackjack, and first appeared at Vegas World. The two cards that are dealt to the dealer are both exposed face up in part of the initial deal. Knowing the dealer’s hand provides the player with some significant information, and the player knows exactly what odds he faces.

The Dealer’s Cards are Exposed

There are other rule changes that will favour the dealer in order to compensate. The house edge is greater in Double Exposure blackjack than in the traditional form of blackjack, but it is still regarded as one of the best bets in the casino. The player’s payout in the event of a natural blackjack is reduced to even money, however, and players will lose their bets when their hand is tied with the dealer. With both the dealer’s hand exposed, the player cannot buy insurance or surrender their hand.

The standard deck size in Double Exposure blackjack is eight decks, and this  is an indication that the rules are tweaked a bit to compensate for the great advantage the player has by being able to see both the dealer’s cards

Certain Rules Slightly Changed

Other rules have also been altered to regulate the house edge. Certain casinos restrict doubling down and splitting, and do not allow doubles after splitting. Basic strategy for Double Exposure blackjack has to be different, because the player can see both of the dealer’s cards, and because the player loses all ties except blackjacks.

There are several other differences in the rules for Double Exposure blackjack. The player may only split once, and tied blackjacks either push or go to the player. There are several rules that can vary, depending on the casino. The player may or may not double after a split, and the player may or may not double on any first two cards. The player may or may not split 10 value cards that do not match, like a queen and king.

The Double Exposure Blackjack Option

Card players looking for something new will find some exciting entertainment with Double Exposure blackjack. The odds may not be as good as classic blackjack, but the return is still competitive with many other games. You may lose a couple of dollars changing to this game, but you will find the odds tend to be pretty standard. There may be a slight variation in the rules in each of the casinos, but if you go to the trouble of finding out the specific rules that apply to this game, and you get close to optimal play, you will find Double exposure blackjack one of the most entertaining games in the casino.

Sometimes the Game Has Different Names

This game is sometimes known as Dealer Disclosure or Face up 21, and is played at some of the bigger United States casinos. You can also find this game at some of the online casinos powered by Microgaming software, or Playtech, Net Entertainment and IGT casinos. United States players will find this game on RealTime Gaming sites, although it may be under the name of Face up 21. RealTime Gaming was launched in Atlanta Georgia, but has moved to Costa Rica, so is out of American jurisdiction. They have become the biggest supplier of software to casinos that accept American players.

Highway Kings Pro Slot Review and Guide for You

Modern-day Cowboys. A modern, and befitting, description for the drivers of Big Rigs and Monster Trucks: the Kings of the road. It is a lifestyle that has been romanticised by the likes of Johnny Cash and The Grateful Dead.

The lure of the open road has appealed to many, but it’s not a way of life meant for everyone. Being away for months on end on a long haul trip is understandably not everyone’s cup of tea.

It’s also a life of truck races, beautiful female fans, drivers passionate about their vehicles – and a whole lot of chrome.

Highway Kings Pro is an online video slot based on the world of truckers. The game is the brainchild of Playtech, and is a new and improved sequel to a previous version. The slot features 9 paylines and is played on 5 reels.  A Truck Racing Bonus Free Spins Bonus Game is the main feature.

Highway Kings Pro can be played as free or real money slots game.


The reels showcase symbols representative of a life on the road. Gas pumps, monster trucks, a trucker’s cap and dice, a spark plug, exhaust, monster truck tyre and steering wheel all form part of the theme.

A five in a row combination of monster trucks will blast in at 10 000 credits, and 5 gas pump symbols will really fill up the tank at 5 000 credits.

A nice bonus feature is that paylines pay in both directions.

The game’s wild symbol is a truck driver, appearing on reels 2, 3 and 4. The wild will change into other symbols to effect a win.  It will not substitute for the scatter or the bonus symbols.

The scatter symbol is the beauty donning the red cowboy hat. The lovely lady secures a win regardless of her position on the reels.  5 of her kind will add 100 credits to the player’s saddle sack.

3D Graphics

The 3D graphics combined with the open road and magnificent big-wheeled beasts will get any petrol-head’s heart beating in double time. The 3D effect definitely adds a touch of class to the experience, making the game a little more lifelike than most of its 2D contemporaries.

Highway Kings Pro can be played in manual as well as in autoplay mode. Autoplay mode will ensure a fast-paced game.

Highway Kings Pro Truck Racing Bonus Game

The Truck Racing Bonus Game is a Free Spins Game, and is activated by the Bonus Symbol – represented by a checked flag. The bonus symbol will only materialize on reels 1 and 5, and has to be present on both reels simultaneously in order for the bonus game to be set in motion.

The Free Spins Game is presented in the shape of a racing game. The player is provided with a big monster truck, and is set on course to burn some rubber on the highway whilst collecting random multipliers on the way.

Up to 25 free spins games plus multipliers are up for grabs.

Check out Hitman Slot Details Online

As is the case with most of the highly popular online video slot games, Hitman started out as a video game. Initially developed and published by Danish company IO Interactive, the original video game revolves around the adventures of a certain Agent 47.

Agent 47 is a clone, and the perfect assassin, having no conscience to get in the way of his murderous deeds.  This places Agent 47 in high demand with the wealthy and the elite wanting to get rid of someone and leave no trace. Continue reading “Check out Hitman Slot Details Online”

More Details about Casinò Lugano in Switzerland

When it comes to travel, Switzerland is undoubtedly a popular holiday destination. Anyone planning a trip to Europe will most certainly think about heading to the beautiful country of Switzerland. Whether it is for the breath-taking views, the abundance of winter sports or to experience the culture, most people will want to go at some point. If you are a keen casino enthusiast, the good news is that Switzerland is also home to some of the best land based casinos in the world. If you are heading to the Lugano, you might want to check out Casinò Lugano. This popular land based casino houses two restaurants, a night club, a cocktail lounge as well as a function venue.

Location and Operation

Casinò Lugano is located in the city of Lugano in Switzerland. The physical address of the casino is Via Stauffacher 1, 6901 Lugano. The casino is open every day of the year from 12pm till 4am during the week and 12pm till 5am on the weekends. One of the main draw cards of the casino is that it is free to enter and does not have a stick dress code. All operations at the casino are carried out in Swiss Francs with facilities for exchanging currencies at the main desk.

Classic and Video Slots

When it comes to games, Casinò Lugano offers an impressive selection of slots and table games in both non-smoking and smoking areas. With over 360 slot machines to choose from, players will find all their favourite slot games including the latest high quality video slots, as well as progressive slots and classic old-school slot machines. In the slots section of the casino, players will also find a range of video poker machines starting from 1 cent up to a maximum of CHF 100.

Live Games and Poker Tournaments

In a separate area, the Casinò Lugano offers a selection of live casino and table games with both high limit and low limit tables. The list of classic casino games includes roulette, blackjack, baccarat and Texas Hold’em poker. Every week the casino hosts a poker tournament where players can sign up to play Texas Hold’em poker in the newly appointed poker room. Cash games are also available at the tournament.


When it comes to entertainment, the Casinò Lugano has a lot to offer. On the first floor of the casino is the Seven Lounge. This vibrant cocktail/cigar lounge is the ideal place to relax, enjoy a selection of cocktails or sparkling wines and sample one of the many international cigars on offer. If you are looking for something a little more upbeat, the Seven Club is one of the best places to enjoy a good party. Featuring international DJ’s and famous artists, the Seven Club is a stunning venue that offers outstanding acoustics for all music lovers.

Dining Options

If you are looking for a place to eat, the Casinò Lugano offers two top-class restaurants where visitors can enjoy a great meal. The Seven Restaurant offers spectacular views over the Gulf of Lugano as well as a creative mix of local and international dishes. The Elementi restaurant located inside the casino is considered to be one of Lugano’s top restaurants. The chef serves up delicious meals every night with a modern take on Mediterranean cuisine.

A Glance at SkyCity Auckland for Casino Gamblers

Online Casino SkyCity Auckland is a well known entertainment and casino venue, most recognised for the impact it has on the city skyline. It features multiple dining venues, live shows, plus the benefit of a stunning three hundred and sixty degree view. The casino is likewise impressive, making this city in the sky a must visit New Zealand attraction.

Accommodation Options

SkyCity Auckland has two accommodation venues from which to choose. The first is the more affordable option of the two, titled SkyCity Hotel. There are many rooms available, all of which have amazing views, room service, and comfortable interiors. The SkyCity Grand Hotel is for those who prefer a bit of luxury, having glamorous décor and more spacious interiors. Whichever hotel you prefer, both allow bookings to be made directly online. If you would like to make an online booking, simply visit the website and make use of the convenient application. It will require the user to select a hotel, enter a check-in date, specify how many nights are desired, plus the number of adults and children staying. When the information has been entered, click the check availability button to see results. To finalise a booking, select a desired option, then click again. Bank details will be needed, after which the reservation will be finalised.

Restaurants and Dining

There is an impressive number of dining venues from which to choose at SkyCity Auckland. Many of the establishments specialise in foreign and exotic dishes, including a special focus on eastern cuisine that will satisfy even the fussiest gourmet. If, however, a guest prefers local New Zealand dish, or a classic steak or hamburger, those are also available, with every meal complimented by a breathtaking view. Be sure to finish off your meal with a sweet dessert, which can be found at one of the many ice-cream parlours or cafes. The crowning jewel of SkyCity Auckland r is, of course, the rotating restaurant found at the very peak of the tower, which is a once in a lifetime experience.

Sky Tower

The Sky Tower is a well known Auckland attraction, featuring prominently in the city skyline and seen from many miles away. The tower is not just amazing to look at, however, as bungee jumping from the tower is possible, offering one of the most adrenaline filled experiences possible in the city. If jumping from a building is not your style, you may instead prefer to dine in the exquisite rotating restaurant, which offers a full three hundred and sixty degree view that will eave you breathless. If wanting to eat at the restaurant, or take a bungee jump, please be sue to make a reservation in advance. This can be done on the website. Note that the Sky Tower has special education offers and deals that are valid on school holidays, allowing youngsters to learn while they enjoy the stunning view.

Events and Functions

SkyCity Auckland has multiple live show venues, all of which have shows on a regular basis. From comedy to amazing cabarets, it can all be experienced under a single roof, giving guests true freedom of entertainment choice. Take note that many casino based events are also held, giving gamblers not only special advantages and benefits, but also the opportunity to socialise with while still striking it lucky.

A Quick Look at Gold Reef City Theme Park and Casino

Gold Reef City is an amusement park, casino and hotel complex based in the city of Johannesburg in Gauteng, South Africa. The theme park, casino and hotel are all themed around the local gold rush period, which occurred in the nearby Witwatersrand area during the late 1880’s.

Gold Reef City itself is situated on the site of one of the area’s most prominent gold mines, which was officially closed in 1971. As well as the Gold Reef City Casino, the Gold Reef City Theme Park and the Southern Sun Gold Reef City Hotel, the national Apartheid museum can also be found on the same premises.

The Gold Reef City Theme Park

The Gold Reef City Theme Park is one of the main attractions of Gold Reef City, offering various roller coasters, water rides and additional amusement activities which are suitable for visitors of all ages.

The Hippodrome Auditorium on site hosts a variety of live events, including the local Idols South Africa live music shows.

Theme Park Rides and Attractions

Some of the most popular rides that can be found at the theme park include the Anaconda, the Jozi Express, the Tower of Terror, the UFO, the Miner’s Revenge, the Giant Wheel and the Golden Loop.

As well as a variety of casual restaurants and fast food venues, visitors at the Gold Reef City Theme Park can also make use of cinemas, a children’s play area, various entertainment performances and more.

Southern Sun Gold Reef City Hotel

Part of the Tsogo Sun chain of hotels, the Southern Sun Gold Reef City Hotel provides accommodation at Gold Reef City. Conveniently, the hotel is only 8 kilometres in distance from Johannesburg’s main business district, and it offers 75 en-suite rooms that cater to single guests, couples, families and groups.

Guests at the hotel can enjoy amenities like a hotel pool and the Gold Reef City Theme Park, as well as the Movies@ Cinema, and live performances at the Lyric and Globe theatres.

The Gold Reef City Casino

The Gold Reef City Casino is another of the main attractions at the amusement complex, situated just opposite the theme park. Open 24 hours a day, the Gold Reef City Casino is the oldest casino in Johannesburg, and today operates as a cashless casino.

Players here will find over 1,700 slot machines, as well as table games of three reef poutine poker, blackjack, baccarat, touch table electronic roulette and classic American roulette.

Additional Casino Attractions

High rollers at the Gold Reef City Casino can instead play at the Egoli Salon Privé, an exclusive lounge that offers specialised staff at all times and additional VIP benefits, as well as a completely private casino gaming environment.

Visitors to the casino can also take part in other leisurely activities. There are several casual to fine dining restaurants and eateries at the site of the casino, including a buffet. Local attractions such as sightseeing tours can also be investigated, but are separate from Gold Reef City itself.

Club Liberté in Review for Casino Players

The Seychelles is well known as one of the world’s most famous holiday destinations. Thousands of tourists gather here for a beachside getaway every year. Whenever one thinks of this location, crystal blue waters, white beach sand and plenty of palm trees come to mind. For many, the destination serves as the ultimate definition of paradise. However, it is about to get a whole lot more exciting, as Club Liberté, a boutique casino, is set to open its doors there soon. Below, you will find a little bit more information on the casino, as well as what it will have to offer its players.

The Setting

Of course, Club Liberté is going to provide players with the same sense of luxury that the Seychelles provides all of its visitors. The casino will be located at the lavish Four Seasons Resort at Petite Anse. It is said that when it opens in July of 2016, players will be met with décor that speaks to tropical and contemporary design. The whole idea behind it is to create the feel of a plantation house. The gambling area itself will also hold true to the overall theme of the casino and as a whole, is anticipated to raise the bar of the Seychelles’ casino offerings.

The Games on Offer

At Club Liberté, players can expect to be able to enjoy all of the classic casino games that have become so well loved over the past few years. The main floor of the casino will include two poker tables, as well as three blackjack tables and four roulette tables. Furthermore, the casino will also boast an exclusive VIP room, where VIPs can enjoy all of the above mentioned games in a unique setting.

Of course, no casino would be complete without a healthy dose of exciting slot machines like you see here. Club Liberté will also house about 30 state-of-the-art slot machines, which will include popular reels and video slots. All of these games will be linked to the casino’s loyalty program.

Other Facilities

Club Liberté will, of course, offer more than just casino games. The complex will also be home to an impressive cocktail bar, a sushi restaurant and plenty of other gourmet offerings. Furthermore, whenever a guest steps into the establishment, they will be greeted by various forms of entertainment, including live music acts. Naturally, all of the above will also be steeped in the contemporary tropical décor that will carry throughout the casino.

While Club Liberté may not even have opened its doors yet, it is sure to bring plenty of joy and entertainment to the lives of those who visit it. It promises a whole host of classic casino offerings, but this time, the overall theme and décor will provide a unique twist that not many players have had the opportunity of seeing before. With so much already on offer in the Seychelles, this casino is sure to add to the glitz, glamour and exclusivity that has become associated with this famed holiday destination.

Find Details about Free Slots Mobile Casino Games

The only thing better than high quality free casino games is the ability to play them instantly from your mobile phone. Free slots mobile games and apps are a perfect solution for players looking to enjoy the thrill of free slots games while on the move. With just a stable internet connection, a smartphone and a charged phone battery, players can access a range of the best slots games anywhere across the globe and at any time of day, all which can be enjoyed at players’ leisure, during a few spare minutes before a meeting or while on the train, or when settled down for an evening of free casino fun at home.

The Best Mobile Experience

Many mobile casinos allow players to play free slots mobile games without the need for lengthy registrations or verification processes. These games have been designed to be downloaded easily as mobile apps or played as Flash and HTML-5 games straight from players’ internet browsers, and are created by top software providers to pair seamlessly with the high resolution screens of modern mobile phones for a lifelike casino game experience.

The selection of free slots mobile games available is immense, with players being able to choose from as many as hundreds of unique slots game variants. Each slots game features an exciting theme, ranging from popular films and celebrities to comics and exotic destinations, as well as numerous special features, bonus games and in-game challenges to keep free slots mobile players captivated for hours on end when playing from the comfort of their mobile phones.

The Benefits of Free Mobile Slots

There are numerous benefits to playing free slots mobile games. Free slots play provides mobile players with a risk-free opportunity to experience their chosen casino and to test out various game software types and styles to determine their preferences. Free slots mobile games are also a fantastic, versatile form of budget-friendly entertainment that is available to any player on a variety of mobile devices. The best free slots mobile games and apps have been designed with mobile players in mind, and are compatible with many top smartphone operating systems to offer a smooth game experience. Mobile casinos offer free slots games in the hopes that players will enjoy the games and sign up to play for real money, but many casinos also offer unlimited free credits that allow free slots mobile players to play as much as they wish.

Free Slots Mobile Rewards

Even free slots mobile players can reap the rewards when playing from their mobile phones. Not only do these players have access to an incredible selection of games and unlimited free play, they will also likely be awarded a number of generous no deposit and free spins bonus offers during play. These bonuses are a gift from mobile casinos to their players, and allow free slots players to experience the thrill of real money slots and even claim cash slots game winnings subject to wagering requirements, all at no added cost to them. In this way, mobile casinos ensure that every player is rewarded when choosing to enjoy the best free slots mobile games from their preferred mobile phone.

Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra Online Slot at a Glance

The theme of Ancient Egypt and its mythology has proven to be a very popular theme for both slots players and software developers. Playtech has joined in on the trend too, offering an online slot titled Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra.

Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra takes place over 5 reels and 20 paylines, and is Playtech’s modern take on the classic Egyptian slots theme. Daring Dave is a unique character that has been incorporated to create unique game play, and many players will liken him to an adventurer like Indiana Jones.

Symbols on the Reels

The reel symbols in Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra are a combination of classic playing card symbols and themed icons. The playing card symbols award lower wins, and include symbols 10 through A.

The main reel symbols award higher payouts in Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra, and include Egyptian gods Horus, Ra and Anubis along with hieroglyphics and scarab beetles. The god Ra is the most valuable of these symbols, awarding 750 coins for 5 of a kind on the reels.

Graphics, Themes and Egyptian Setting

The reels of Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra are set against a stereotypically Egyptian backdrop. The scene includes miles of sandy dunes, an oasis with palm trees, and even a few ancient pyramids scattered on the horizon.

On the reels, many of the most well-known Egyptian gods make an appearance, along with hieroglyphics, scarab beetles and other traditional artefacts. An Egyptian soundtrack plays as the reels spin, and each winning combination offers its own sound effects as well.

Expanding Wild and Scatter Symbols

The wild symbol in the Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra online slot from Playtech is Daring Dave himself. This character is worth 5,000 coins for 5 of a kind, and he can also substitute all symbols but the scatter to create extra winning combinations.

The wild symbol is also an expanding wild, which occurs when wild symbols appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 simultaneously.

The scatter symbol in this online slot is the Eye of Ra scatter, which comes into play during the bonus game. There is also a Pyramid bonus symbol on the reels, which activates this bonus game.

The Quest for the Eye of Ra

The Quest for the Eye of Ra is the main bonus feature in Daring Dave & The Eye of Ra. To activate the game, players must land pyramid bonus symbols on both reel 1 and reel 5 of the base game.

The bonus feature consists of 3 different levels. Episode 1 requires players to pick 3 out of 8 ancient tablets to reveal 3 Eye of Ra symbols. Each of the tablets is also worth a cash prize. Episode 2 allows players to spin a wheel to reveal Eye of Ra symbols, as well as multipliers. Finally, Episode 3 offers a choice of 3 pedestals; if players choose the right one, they will receive 75x their triggering bets.