Mobile Optimized Soccer Betting at a Glance

It’s a sad truth, but not everyone is cut out for athletic prowess. Comedians have long noticed the irony: as one joker puts it, internationally televised sports competitions are great fun because they give everyone, even out-of-shape middle-aged men, the chance to scream advice at some of the most highly trained athletes in the world.

Of course, there’s more to it than that: dedicated soccer fans, for example, feel a real emotional connection to their favourite teams, so the results of matches really matter to them. And now that gambling laws are evolving all over, with more and more people able to place sports bets online, there’s an added incentive to be passionate about games. The growth in mobile soccer sports betting is ample proof that the beautiful game is vitally important to millions of punters around the world, not just the players on the field.

Sure, bragging rights when your team trounces your mate’s team are always fun, but the fun gets a little sweeter when a win for your team is also reflected positively in your bank account, which explains the attraction of mobile soccer sports betting.

A Bookmaker in your Pocket

The true beauty of mobile soccer sports betting is its portability. No longer do soccer fans have to find a physical, real-world bookmaker to place bets on a game; they don’t even need a laptop or desktop to access a bookmaking site online. With a mobile phone or a tablet like doing iPhone betting NZ, they can place bets on any games they fancy, whenever and wherever they like. So even when you’re at a sports pub with your mates, watching the day’s matches, it’s possible to indulge in mobile soccer sports betting whenever the mood takes you.

When you can’t watch the match; say, when you’re off on a family holiday or some pesky relative insists on getting married on a big match day, mobile soccer sports wagering is even more useful. You can bet from anywhere, at any time, as long as you have a 3G or 4G connection, and also discreetly follow the progress of matches during those wedding toasts and speeches. Some sites will provide access to online betting via your mobile browser, while others offer downloadable betting apps to make the process even easier. There are even different versions of the same site or apps coded specifically for optimum performance on a specified device, so it really is possible to find the version that suits you perfectly.

Mobile Phone Soccer Betting

Set your Own Rules

There’s a truism that all successful gamblers know, but which sadly, too many amateur punters ignore: never bet money that you cannot afford to lose. Betting on sports matches is meant to be harmless fun, and if you budget your betting spend properly, it will be. If your betting is having a financial impact on your lifestyle, you’re doing it wrong. For players who are strict on themselves, however, and who do set themselves betting limits and stick to them, win or lose, mobile soccer sports betting is a highly enjoyable way to add a little extra spice to every match you watch.

A Guide to Playing Video Poker for iPad Casino Players

Poker-loving players whose lifestyles don’t allow for long, intense games can enjoy a bite-sized version of the game that still packs a punch of action and suspense!

iPad video poker, available at top quality online casinos, lets players enjoy the world’s most popular classic card game with the ease of playing slots! Based on the famous five-card draw, these games have players building the strongest hands by keeping or discarding cards, using slot machine-style controls.

Players have a choice of download and no download options for when they play this great game when on a break in the office canteen, relaxing at home, or on the move. They can also decide whether to play the game with real money, and stand a chance to win big, or to play for free, just for fun.

iPad Video Poker Basics

iPad video poker is all about ease, convenience, and great gaming action. Players need not have played poker before to enjoy this game.

The player’s goal is to build a hand of cards that contains at least one combination found on the table. The stronger the player’s hand, the better the payouts.

Following regular poker rankings, the hands from highest to lowest are Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two Pairs, and One Pair. The values are determined by the suits, faces, and numbers on the cards.

At the start of iPad video poker, player’s use the bet button to place bets, and are then shown their five cards. Using buttons in a way similar to how one would play slots, players decide which cards to keep, and which to discard. Discarded cards are replaced with new ones. In this version of the game, only the player’s cards matter. The player does not play against the dealer or against other players, so no cards are compared.

Video Poker Playing Options

Video Poker Playing Options for iPad

The top online casinos that offer video poker are powered by the web’s leading software developers and games can be enjoyed using download and no download playing options.

Players looking for instant access to iPad video poker can play on browser. This option only requires an active internet connection.

However, most sites recommend that players who want a bigger range of games and additional features download the apps for iOS devices available at the sites. Like the FIFA cup betting odds available to NZ punters, these sites also offer download and no download playing options for smartphones, and desktop and laptop computers.

Play for Free or with Real Money

Players who sign up at top online casinos will have the option of playing iPad video poker for free or with real money. Playing the game for free is a great way to get used to the look and feel of it, and to become familiar with the hand rankings. It is also a great way for new and inexperienced players to practise the game.

Playing with real money adds to the suspense and excitement of the game, as it gives players a chance to win massive jackpots. The top iPad casinos enable real money video poker play with banking services that are protected by data encryption technology, giving you complete peace of mind with every hand.

Taking a Look at iPhone Casino Gaming Option

In the eight years since its launch in 2007 the iPhone has transformed users’ expectations with respect to what their mobile devices should be able to do. Whether at work, study or play, New Zealanders have got used to its incredible processing power, state-of-the-art graphics and sound quality, and efficient, easy-to use touchscreen ,whether they’re checking social media, sharing video chats, banking via mobile, looking up information or simply seeking entertainment.

With thousands of apps available and more being launched every day, the iPhone has become the one-stop lifestyle accessory , and thanks to iPhone Casino entertainment optimised to run smoothly on iOS, that includes letting you play all your favourite casino games wherever and whenever you like and winning real money.

iPhone Casinos Offer 21st-Century Security

Eliminating the need to collect winnings in cash is one way online gambling makes the playing experience safer. Add to that, the iPhone’s security in encryption and verification, and the comprehensive reviews of various mobile casinos regularly updated online, and you’ll find that most iPhone casinos represents the pinnacle of safety and security in online gambling.

Apps are available directly from the top online casinos featuring mobile play and in many cases, players can also access games in browser like some punters in Australia making the Soccer World Cup bets. Because of the iPhone’s versatile display profiles, you’ll get the same experience on a downloaded app as you will on a game playing via Safari on the mobile web.

Players are encouraged to try out a number of mobile casino offerings to find the best fit for their device, as each site or game will have been coded to perform best on a specific generation of iPhone but with the number of mobile casino platforms available, finding a perfect match is just a few taps of the screen away.

Casino Games Optimised for iPhone

All Your Favourite Casino Games Optimised for iPhone

The iPhone’s impressive screen size and crisp, high-quality animations make it the ideal multi-media device for playing a whole range of casino games such as blackjack, roulette, keno, baccarat and video poker, with the detailed display design and swipe technology lending a more authentic feeling to the experience.

New Zealanders, of course, have always loved their pokies in pubs across the nation and the top NZ iPhone casinos deliver those too. The best video pokies, classic fruit machines, MegaSpin and progressive jackpots games Kiwis have always loved to win on are all available from some of New Zealand’s most reputable mobile casinos. These optimised iOS games allow players to spin those lucky reels and take their shot at the jackpot from anywhere, as long as they have an internet connection.

Play to Your Own Schedule

The biggest win for iPhone Casino players , apart from those progressive slots jackpots, of course ,is the freedom and choice that mobile gaming offers. Instead of having to visit a casino at a physical address, or log on via a desktop or laptop, players can access their favourite games anywhere, as long as they have access to an internet connection. Considering its ease of use, the playing experience and the fact that it gives New Zealanders the chance to win anywhere, anytime, iPhone Casino entertainment is hard to beat.

The Kilcoy Cup Horse Racing Event at a Glance

Kilcoy is a small farming town and part of the Somerset Region local government area in South East Queensland, Australia. A notable fact about Kilcoy is that it is the site of a number of massacres of Aborigines by white settlers. At the 2011 Australian Census the town recorded a population of 1,714.

The township is on the D’Aguilar Highway, 94 kilometres north west of the state capital, Brisbane, and just to the north of Lake Somerset. The topography directly north of the town is dominated by the mountains of the Conondale Range and covered by forests, some of which are protected in state forests and the Conondale National Park. Kilcoy is located in the Somerset region.

The Kilcoy Race Club

Horse racing, online betting and racing day festival events are booming in Queensland at the moment. The Kilcoy Race Club host a great day of country horse racing in Australia every June with the famous Kilcoy Cup Ladies Race Day. This festival occasion consists of six gallop races and three mini trot races.

The Kilcoy Cup Day is a well-known event throughout the region and includes a huge range of entertainment for the regional race goers. On offer at the Kilcoy Cup Day, which is part of the Somerset Racing Bonanza Weekend are fashion events, fun for the whole family, a range of culinary experiences and the famous Fillies Race. These all combine to make the experience of celebrating the Somerset Racing Bonanza Weekend even better and more fulfilling.

The Kilcoy Race Club

Somerset Racing Bonanza Weekend

Part of the Somerset Racing Bonanza Weekend includes the Kilcoy Race Club conducting an eight race TAB program that is well supported by the racing fraternity and patrons of both Esk Jockey Club and Kilcoy Race club.

Both days have excellent prize money and the Somerset Regional Council is providing $1000 sponsorship to each race club to assist and has provided a $5000 incentive to be paid to the owners of all horse emerging victorious during the race meetings to be held in the Somerset Region over the Somerset Racing Bonanza Weekend at the Kilcoy Race Club event.

The Somerset Racing Bonanza Weekend ensures excellent country racing, great food and refreshments, with a strong contingent of bookmakers operating to accommodate the punting fraternity. The Kilcoy Cup this also be hosts the forever growing and popular Fashion in the Field. Resplendent with categories in Best Female, Best Male, Best Couple, Best Hat or Head Dress, Best Teen, Best Junior and new class of Lady of the Field for over 35’s females. Many hundreds of dollars in prizes and sponsorship prizes make this day a true country celebration.

Online Access

With a love of the horses and the thrill of the win, online Australian horse betting is benefitting remarkably from the country horse racing events like the Kilcoy Cup Race day and the Somerset Racing Bonanza Weekend. Australian, and indeed international punters will find many traditional events are now within easy reach, with fast paced action around every corner and a chance to win just waiting to be claimed. The tonnes of local, and country race tournaments and events throughout the year means that punters looking for a great race to bet on will find plenty of options online like the Geelong Cup betting or Kilcoy Cup wagering.

Sports Bet Online Bookmaker in Detail for Punters

Punters who enjoy betting on horse and greyhound racing will enjoy Sports Bet online bookmaker, since they cover an incredible variety of meetings, and provide very comprehensive packages. In fact, punters may well be overwhelmed with the variety of betting options at their disposal. They pay out punters at the best odds available, and also provide bettors with the chance to put some extra money in their pockets by means of welcome bonuses and tipping competitions.

New Customer Offers at Sports Bet Online Bookmaker

Sports Bet is such a well-established online bookmaker that they are able to offer their new sign-ups a variety of different bonuses. Terms and conditions apply to these, but these are not too onerous to meet, and punters will find they are able to access the money available very easily after these have been met.

Well-Designed Website

Punters doing the Caulfield Cup betting or wagering on other sports such as tennis will be pleased with the website this sports book has available to meet their bookmaking needs: rather than trying to dazzle customers with graphics, the visual aspect has been kept totally straightforward and simple. The sports available are listed along the left-hand side of the screen, the main events are tidily profiled in the centre of the homepage, and all of the most recent promotions are boxed trimly on the right-hand side of the screen.

There is an inspiring array of info on hand for punters to access any information they may require in terms of customer service issues or queries, with separate phone numbers provided for more wide-ranging queries, and those that centre on the qualifications required for bonus bets. Live Chat options are also provided.

Sports Bet Online Wagering Site

Background for Sports Bet Online Bookmaker

Sports Bet is often referred to as the number one betting agency in the world, and it is not difficult to see why. The website is packed with various sports; many markets; outrageous odds; and scintillating special offers, and there are numerous changing promotions provided for both their new punters, and those that keep returning.

Sports Bet accepts wagers on horse; harness; and greyhound races, as well as a variety of international sporting; entertainment; and political events.

The Odds and Markets Available

It can fairly be said that Sports Bet focuses on racing, with a huge array of events revolving around this being offered. They do, however, also ensure that punters are able to access the sporting events they may wish to, and a large array of markets are provided; cricket; soccer; AFL; rugby and tennis, to name a few.

In terms of odds, Sports Bet has tight lines, and receives full marks for incorporating a form guide next to each of the races being run and matches being played. These forms include a graph detailing the performances of each of the teams over the course of the season, and there is a tipping competition available as well, which offers additional value. In terms of racing, they are able to offer punters what is known as Tote Best Plus, the equivalent of Best Odds Guaranteed, wherein the bettor will receive the better of dividends declared at the starting price.

Enjoy Live Roulette at Online Casino Site with a Quick Guide

With the tension of last-minute bets and the frantic clicking of the ball as it bounces round the wheel like a proton in the Large Hadron Collider, online roulette must surely be the ultimate casino game. More than in any other game of chance, skill, experience and bluffing are of precious little use; the random outcomes make it a true test of luck, made even more exciting by the chance to win significant amounts for relatively small stakes.

Roulette’s eternal popularity in the casino makes it a must-have for any online casino site, and there are now several thousand offering any number of variations on the game, with many casinos presenting each variation in several versions, each one specifically coded for a different device. So whatever device you use to connect, whether on fixed line or mobile, you will be able to find every version of roulette you could want in a format optimised for your device. The online revolution never stands still, though, and the best online casinos now also offer live roulette, with a croupier onscreen, to make the experience even more authentic.

Play for Money, or for Fun

Most online casinos offer a free roulette game, where players can bet and win credits only, rather than wagering real stakes. Roulette at a free casino is a great option for anyone who plays strictly for the fun of winning, without wishing to bet. The free live roulette sites are also an excellent way for serious players, who do want to bet and win real money, to get to know the game thoroughly before they risk their bankroll playing.

Casino Live Roulette Option

Roulette truly is random, with every result unpredictable, so there is no such thing as “a foolproof betting system”. However, the odds of different number combinations winning vary depending on the combination, and the house’s edge also differs by several percentage points according to the type of bet placed. A player who knows the odds of various betting combinations and the house’s edge for each bet is able to make more effective combination bets, and thus maximise the chances of winning. So when they settle down to play live roulette online for real stakes, the player who stands a better chance of success is the one who has spent a few hours learning how to bet effectively while playing for free.

Play for Free; Win for Real

Another incentive offered by many casinos online is free play bonuses. Players are usually granted a welcome bonus when they register, and are also given regular reward bonuses if they keep playing. These free play options allow players to win real money, without dipping into their own bankroll to bet. However, all promotional offers carry their own terms and conditions, and for free live roulette play online, these will usually include the circumstances under which you are allowed to withdraw winnings. A certain number of bets on free roulette spins may be required, for example. But as long as you examine the T’s and C’s carefully before committing to play, casino bonuses can afford you longer, more enjoyable live roulette sessions online; and perhaps even the occasional windfall.

The Invictus Games Have a Greater Purpose

“These Games have shone a spotlight on the unconquerable character of servicemen and women, their families and the invictus spirit”. These words of Prince Harry of Great Britain, who is the patron and driving force behind the Invictus Games, sum up the ideal of the Invictus Games Foundation. “The Invictus Games use the power of sport to inspire recovery, support rehabilitation and generate a wide understanding and respect for the wounded, injured and sick Servicemen and women” Continue reading “The Invictus Games Have a Greater Purpose”