Everything You Need To Know About iPhone Pai Gow Poker

Inspired by the Chinese tile game pai gow, pai gow poker is a unique version of the card game that at first glance, looks way too complicated.

For a start, the pack includes one joker that can be used as an ace, or to complete a straight or flush, so pai gow poker is played with a 53-card deck. Players and dealer alike are dealt seven cards each, which the player must then split into a five-card “high hand” and a two-card “low hand”, trying to create the highest poker ranking in each.

Once players have split their hands, the dealer will split the house hand into a high hand and a low hand according to a set of rules called the “house way”. Players’ hands are then compared to the dealer’s hands, high to high and low to low, and the player must win or lose with both hands to win or lose their bet. In a win one/lose one situation, the bet is pushed.

There are one or two other differences to traditional poker rules that may change from casino to casino, so a novice can find it very confusing when they first play. However, there are plenty of guides and tips available online, and once a player has gained a bit of experience, pai gow poker can become a regular habit.

The good news, for online gambling fans who have discovered iPhone pai gow poker, is that they should find the game easier to get the hang of, because mobile casino sites generally have the house rules and any other playing information available for review whenever players might need it.

Play iPhone Pai Gow Poker Anywhere, Anytime

The major drawcard of mobile casinos is the speed and ease with which you can get playing. Hundreds of mobile casinos are just a few swipes and taps away on the iPhone touchscreen; some of which offer downloadable apps, others which play directly on-site. Whichever format you prefer, you will find plenty of iPhone pai gow poker options to suit your taste, specifically coded for the iPhone.

The iPhone’s superb graphics and sound quality also make for a more authentic casino experience; some casinos are taking this authenticity even further by introducing live dealers, which make every iPhone pai gow poker hand feel even more like playing in a real-world casino. As long as you have an online connection, you can spend a few minutes honing your iPhone pai gow poker skills whenever the mood strikes you, wherever you happen to be.

Make the Most of Free Casino Money

Free and top casino sites, where players bet and win credits only, are a great way to practise before you start playing for real money. They are also ideal for players who only play for the joy of challenging the odds. Players who do progress to playing for, on the other hand, are also rewarded with regular promotional bonuses by mobile casinos, allowing them to bet at no cost but still hang onto any winnings they accrue.

By keeping an eye out for the real money casinos offering the best bonus deals on any given day, experienced iPhone pai gow poker players registered at a number of online casinos can plan their game play so as to score the maximum playing time, with the most chances to win, at the minimum risk to their own betting bankroll. All in all, iPhone pai gow poker’s fun factor make it worthwhile to learn the intricacies of the game.