Virtual Sports Betting Explained

Virtual sports betting is where the worlds of video games, casino games and sports fandom collide. As major sporting competitions around the world fall victim to public event restrictions in the fight against the new coronavirus pandemic, online betting enthusiasts have seen their options reduced.

Virtual sports betting may not offer quite the same thrill as a wager on your favourite football team. Punters are betting on games of chance; there is no input from the player such as assessing a team’s earlier season, inside information on player health, and so on. On the plus side, however, virtual sports betting at least gives the player a computer simulation of their favourite sporting action.

Most virtual sports contests are shorter than their real-world equivalents too, meaning a keen online player can try their luck on several sporting events in a betting session.

Virtual Sports Betting Options

Motor racing, horseracing, greyhound racing, football, baseball, hockey, tennis, cycling and speedway are among the options sports betting enthusiasts can enjoy online as virtual sports. Sites might run an event every three of four minutes, giving players more than enough betting opportunities.

As at a real-world racetrack or sports bookmakers, there are also several ways to bet on any event, each with their own set-odds returns. In games like virtual football, you’ll be betting on a team to win; a straight bet. In all the virtual racing games, however, you can bet on the first two past the post in order at beteasy Australia, the first two in any order, the first three, etcetera.

Software Selects Random Winners

The major difference between real-world sports and virtual sports is the method of determining winners. In real sports, talent, fitness, injuries, opposition strength and team morale all have a bearing on the result. Punters who understand how these factors influence a game and have good intel on how the contenders in an event measure up to each metric, have a definite advantage in online sports betting.

Virtual sports contests are settled by a random number generator in the digital software running the program. Visually, they often do a great job of reproducing the excitement of a thundering racetrack or the screaming intensity of a football crowd. But the results can never be predicted; all the contenders have the same random chance of winning.

Pros And Cons

Virtual sports betting is fast fun, and the graphics do a great job of mimicking real sporting action; many are copies of famous real-world stadiums, tracks and racing circuits. With wins determined by RNGs, virtual sports make a good alternative option for online gamers who usually bet on slots or digital casino games, but are looking for something different.

For sports fans who revel in using their own expertise to weigh up all the contenders before they place a bet, on the other hand, they might prove a pale imitation of the real thing. Virtual sports betting could still serve as a safe, temporary placebo, though, for sports lovers determined to punt in a time of Covid-19.