All About Slots- Tips and Facts for CA Players

Online slot machines offer the widest choice for any dedicated or casual slots player. More players in Canada and worldwide enjoy a large variety of thrilling games in the comfort of their own home than any other type of gambling, and slots make up larger than 50% of all casino games played internationally.  Online slots are also known as fruit machines, pokies or one-arm bandits.  These games that have three or more reels offer hours of entertainment, endless choices of popular games, and a chance for big payouts.

Online Slots Pay Out Big Winnings

Whereas in bricks and mortar casinos slot machines tend to be programmed to payout approximately 85%, online slots deliver a much better 96%, which increases your odds of being on a winning streak but a whopping 11%. You have an equal chance of winning on each spin of the reel that you take, because unlike the older type slot machines, modern online slots do not switch from ‘cold’ to ‘hot’ if someone has just won a huge jackpot at  This gives you a fair chance of winning big every time that you play.

Tips For Playing Online Slots

Tip 1: Join online slots clubs – depending on the membership option that you choose, you may be entitled to various benefits such as rewards, loyalty bonuses and rebates on your online slots membership.

Tip 2:  Play top NZ pokies games online as your chances are higher for winning.  The worst place to play is at the slots at airports, the percentage for payout is lower.  By playing online your money certainly will last you longer, increasing the amount of enjoyment and entertainment you can get out of playing slots.

Tip 3: For casual gamblers to get the most opportunities to win stick with the online games that offer lower jackpots, as these do payout more often, although the payouts are lower.  If, however, you are aiming for a life changing big win then go with the progressive online slots games.  These offer much higher winnings for the players who do get lucky!

Tip 4: To be able to bankroll the risky and bigger bets, you need to focus some effort on building up your bankroll strategically.  To do this, start with betting on the minimum and then continue to build it up.  At a later point when you are ready to you can increase your bet whilst keeping your bankroll on a reasonable amount.  Eventually you will be able to place bets on the big payout games.

Tip 5: Choose the game you excel at – this may seem obvious but if you find that one online slot game is really difficult to master and just doesn’t payout, don’t stick with it. Stick with the games that you enjoy and that seem to payout for you.

Tip 6:  Start with basic games such as 3 reel slots and master them before moving onto the more advanced games.  Once you are ready to move on to movie-themed games and 3D video slots you will need to familiarise yourself with them first before getting the most out of them.