Top Picks for MLB Bettors

Those of us who love Baseball games know that trying to guess what’s going to happen at any given moment makes watching the matches that much more fun. After all, one healthy swing of the bat could change everything!

There’s a range of different bets that you can make on MLB games, and thanks to how many matches are on the docket every season, there’s always a good time to place them.

Futures Wagers

When it comes to Futures stakes, the most popular include the number of games the New York Yankees will win, for example, will win for the season, whether or not they will make the Playoffs, and if they’ll win the World Series. Odds for these bets are based on information that gets gathered long before the first game is even played.

Moneyline Wagers

This is by far the most popular MLB stake and requires only that you pick the team to win. Bookmakers assign odds to each squad based on how likely they are viewed to eventually win.

Starting with 100, which means each squad is seen as a possible winner, each team gets assigned a number. If the Chicago Cubs are +150 over the Boston Red Sox and they do win, you’ll get 150 units back for every 100 you wagered. Conversely, if the Cubs are at -150 you’ll need to bet 150 units to get 100 back in best betting app Australia.

Parlay Wagers

These are stakes that ask you to correctly pick the winner of at least two games. Runlines for each match are the same, as if you were betting on just one, but each game’s potential winnings get added to the next one.

The opportunity for huge wins is big with Parlays because they’re such a challenge. If you get one team wrong, you lose. The larger the Parlay, or the more games combined in your single bet, the harder it is to win but the size of your payout increases exponentially.

Proposition Wagers

These speciality stakes can range very widely in Baseball games. They are taken as questions, so Will Any Runs be Scored in the First Innings? Who Will Get the Game’s First Hit? How Many Homeruns Will Get Hit? Who Will Win the Batting Title? Which Pitcher Will Win the CY Young?

Runline Bets

This wager is made based on the total number of runs scored in an official nine-inning, or 8.5-inning game if the home team wins, or longer game. Oddsmakers study past outcomes and statistical probabilities to create a likely figure for the combined number of runs both teams will make.

To win this even money bet you’ll need to choose whether the final score will be lower or higher than the number of runs posted.

Series Wagers

Pick the winner of a series during the regular season and if you’re right, you’ll win!

MLB fans love this stake during postseason games because it’s then that the Playoff and World Series’ have more meaning. Once again, odds get set based on the probability of each squad winning the series and if you predict correctly, you’ll collect great returns.