Casino Facts and Fiction

If there’s one industry where myths abound, it’s in gambling! There are so many fictitious stories that people take to be fact that sometimes it gets tough sorting out the truth from the myth! Join us as we debunk the most common myths and shed some light on some of the more surprising casino-related truths!

The Devils Game

If you’ve heard of Roulette being called The Devil’s Game you might think it’s because of the fact that if you add up all the numbers on the wheel they equal 666. The truth is, they don’t. If you add all the numbers up they actually equal 720 – a far cry from the number of the beast.

Napoleon Was a Blackjack Fan

This fact is exactly that, a fact! It’s true. The vertically challenged emperor loved Blackjack, although in his case the game he was playing was the traditional Vingt et Un, or 21 version, the predecessor of the game we know and love today.

Nixon Built His Presidential Campaign On Gambling

Another crazy fact that is true, President Richard Nixon used the money he won playing Poker in World War 2 to fund his presidential campaign. It seems like the POTUS was a pretty good player, but he ended up quitting the game when he realised it could be detrimental to his career. Nevertheless, he got as far as he did thanks to enjoying a few hands!

Super Bowl Bets are the Biggest

Yup, yet another true fact! The bets placed on the annual Super Bowl add up to the most wagers placed on any sport during the year, and often they hit as much as six or even seven figure sums. The Super Bowl is also the most-watched event on TV, and some bettors stake as much as a million dollars or more on whom they think the winner will be.

You Bet Your Wife

This is fact, although it sounds so nuts, it may as well be fiction! A Russian gambler by the name of Andrei Karpov bet his wife in a game of Poker in 2007. He chose his wife over his house, car or watch, but in the end his opponent decided not to accept the bet. In a strange twist of fate his wife ended up leaving him, and married his opponent a few years later instead!

Las Vegas is the World’s Gambling Capital

Well, this is an interesting one as it is both fact and fiction. Yes, in terms of casinos it wins hands down, as there are over 150 casinos in the state alone, which is more than 15% of all casinos in the USA. However, when it comes to online gambling revenue, Vegas is pipped to the post by Macau, which makes almost double what the casinos in Sin City pull in on an annual basis. Macau also ahs more gaming machines than Vegas, but fewer casinos, and Vegas still holds the record for the most sports betting revenue, so really, it’s a case of which way you weigh it.