Crazy Casino Secrets Revealed

Casinos and the players that frequent the all have some secrets that they are not quick to reveal, but we’ve delved deep in order to uncover some of the mysteries that surround the world of gambling…

It’s Always Nigh Time Inside

If you go to a land based casino you’ll notice that it’s lit up like its night-time outside. This is to enhance the atmosphere, and also to ensure that patrons don’t pay too much attention to how much time they are spending gambling.

Blue Is Best Online

The most popular ad frequently visited online casinos all make use of a blue colour palette. It’s been proven that blue is the easiest colour on the eye, and so it makes sense that the most visited site have capitalised on this fact.

Slots Sound the Same

With all the bells and whistles and jingle jangles of the real money slots in a casino playing together it could be a nightmare. But it’s not. In fact, the sounds of the slots are usually very appealing, and rather melodious. This is because all their soundtracks are written in the same musical key. C Major is used for all slots soundtracks, and this keeps players in a good mood, as it’s a nice upbeat key.

Banned Bathroom Breaks

Some players impose their own bathroom breaks on themselves and go as far as to wear adult diapers in order to avoid leaving the tables. This is rather gross, we have to admit, but a part of us has to admire their extreme dedication!

Faster Dealers On The Night Shift

Casinos are always busier at night, so it makes sense that they use the faster dealers then. The faster the dealers are the quicker the games play out and the more rapidly the tables can be closed out. Some Blackjack dealers are able to deal as many as 50 hands an hour, and not only does this speed up gameplay, it also reduces player’s chances of card counting as they’d have to be supremely talented to keep track.

Big Winners Get Watched

If you win more than $10,000 the chances are the casino will start keeping an eye on you. When you play online this may be more so they can offer you VIP goodies and bonuses, but in land based casinos they are checking that you are not a cheat.

Real Chips are Like Crayons

Wait. What? Yup, real casino chips can be used like a crayon and will actually “draw’ if you use them as such. This is one way cashiers can check if chips are fake or not, so if you see a cashier drawing with a chip, they are not just feeling a little creative!

The Blackjack Dealer Doesn’t Know His Hand

If you are playing a version of Blackjack where the dealer “peeks for Blackjack” to see if his hand is exactly 21, he won’t know what his actual hand is; he’ll only know if it isn’t 21. The hands are put into a peeker, and if it not Blackjack he only sees white, not the card value.