An Introduction to Bridesmaids Online Slot Game for Casino Players

Bridesmaids is an electronic online casino slot game, created and powered by the software developers Microgaming. The game is based off of the romantic comedy film of the same name that was released in 2011, which was a critical and commercial success. Bridesmaids has 5 reels and 40 paylines.

Bridesmaids has a bright, colourfully pink theme, containing images directly from the film, such as the main cast. Other lower value symbols are made up of traditional slot icons, stylised to fit the general theme of Bridesmaids.

Bridesmaids Gameplay

Gameplay in Bridesmaids is fairly similar to traditional slots. Players are able to choose the amount they would like to bet, as well as how many paylines they would like activated. The more that is bet, and the more active paylines, the better chance of landing wins more frequently, with higher returns. Once the player has made their bet, the game can be started by hitting the spin button, which will begin spinning the reels. If players prefer a more automated experience, an auto play feature allows the player to spin the reels automatically a number of times, which can be chosen.

Bridesmaids has a number of extra screens available to help players, such as a paytable. The paytable lets the player learn the rules of the game, including how the general gameplay functions, and how bonus features are triggered. Values of the different symbols can also be learnt from the paytable.

Bridesmaids is set apart from other slot games by the number of bonus features found in the game. Players are given many chances for extra winnings on top of anything they win during general gameplay.

Bridesmaids Cupcake Booster

The very first of the bonus features in Bridesmaids is the cupcake booster feature. Activating this bonus during gameplay will allow players to choose from up to four different cupcakes that appear on screen, with each one giving a different multiplier that is added to total winnings. Up to 300 times the initial winnings can be made through the cupcake booster bonus.

Bridesmaids Boutique Bonus

The boutique bonus is another extra feature that, once started, allows the player to take part in a small mini game. A set of symbols will be displayed that have different images associated with Bridesmaids, and players need to try and match the symbols on-screen. Much like in many online slots casino Australia, the more matches that are lined up together, the higher the multiplier, which is then added to the total number of winnings for that round.

Bridesmaids Friendship Free Spins

Up to ten free spins can be earned through the friendship free spins bonus game. The bonus is activated when special free spin symbols are landed during regular game play, and the number of free spins awarded depends on the symbols that the players land from both right to left and left to right.

Bridesmaids Magic Moments Bonus

The magic moments bonus is an additional mini game, where moments from the film are displayed, and players get to choose up to 10 different moments. 9 of these moments award the player with a straightforward cash prize, while the tenth choice can activate more bonus features.

Bridesmaids Conclusion

Fans of the Bridesmaids film will be delighted to find a competent and fun slot game packing various bonus features.