Find out the Details about iPhone Vegas Three Card Rummy

In 2007 the iPhone came along and changed everything. Where once being able to make a telephone call from anywhere was a novelty, we now carry around a mini-computer that is a virtual office, and capable of all kinds of communication, internet access and game playing options. Whilst the game play options have now become a major, and incredibly popular aspect of smartphone usage and the devices are capable of reasonably large games, the screen size is nevertheless still a limiting factor in terms of which games are optimal on the device.

The incredible popularity of Angry Birds and Candy Crush taught us that everyone likes playing games on their smartphone and that generally people prefer shorter, simpler games. This is because smartphone gameplay is more often used for briefer periods, often on trains, in queues or while on the toilet. Many people really want to maximise this brief game-time they get, and make every single moment as exciting as possible. These people are the ones playing casino games on their smartphone, and if they want to play on the best, well then, it’s the iPhone.

Enter Casino Games Stage Left

Now quite unsurprisingly the casino game developers have been concentrating on mobile game play. The mobile market is huge, and with casino gameplay suited to playing on the smaller screen by virtue of its simplicity and single screen format. Certain games had to be simplified, or the simplified versions used for smartphone play. Poker, for instance, or rummy, take too long to play. This is the reason for the surge in popularity of the simplified versions, and why when one looks for an example of this one need look no further than iPhone Vegas three card rummy.

The Game of Vegas Three Card Rummy

The game of iPhone Vegas three card rummy has the aim, like real money blackjack games, of beating the dealer. Played with one standard card deck, cards are ranked at poker value, with the ace only being low, players try to score the least points possible. Dealt only three cards to keep everything properly quick and instantaneous, players hope for low cards, pairs and suited connecting cards, all of which keep the total down. Players then fold or raise. The dealer turns his three cards over in an immediate showdown, and straight off has to score less than 20 to keep playing. If he fails, the player wins even money on the ante and any raised bet. If the dealer scores less than 20, the hands are compared. This is done according to the iPhone Vegas three card rummy wagering tables. The one with the fewest points wins. Simple. The way to play this straightforward, but thoroughly exciting game is, strategically, to raise on any hand with 20 points or less. More than 21 points should be a fold, as this is the dealers’ cut-off.

The Mobile Solution

By using the simple, single screen playing format, with an abbreviated betting system, iPhone Vegas three card rummy has become an intense and exciting card game. Absorbing enough to warrant full concentration, but simple enough to play several rounds during a tea break, iPhone Vegas three card rummy works perfectly on the small screen. And if that small screen is by Apple, then everything comes together in one place.