A Look at Making Sports Bets in NZ

Punters from New Zealand are limited to a one land based sports bets service provider operating with a monopoly in the territory. The government has a relaxed approach to all wagering activities and makes no enforcement on punters to make use of the sole provider. With an extensive range of online sports bets options available, punters from New Zealand enjoy full legal use of offshore websites, which provide for stunning alternatives to the countries nationwide gaming institutions.

The Sole Provider of Sports

The New Zealand Racing Board also known as the NZRB controls all official nationwide land based sports bets in the country through TAB. TAB officiates over sports bets, providing punters with fixed and pari-mutuel odds on sports options throughout New Zealand.

Online Sports Bets

The government does not limit punters to TAB. Punters in quest of sports bets in international marketplaces can make full use of online establishments, which happily accept players from New Zealand and afford the opportunity to wager on a variety of exciting sporting disciplines and sports bets markets.

Sports Betting Variety

With numerous markets and betting types, the sports bets market can be overwhelming. With fierce competition and one site promising more than the next, it is important to understand the most common types of sports bets in order to calculate more valuable bets within specific markets. Over/under Betting, or totals are one of the safest bets to start out with, allowing punters to say whether the total score provided by the sports book will be over or under that amount. Some of these sports bets will require different stakes to win a slightly higher or lower prize. Betting against public perception should only be opted for once more information has been gathered on a particular game, team or event like horse betting. Public perception can easily be manipulated by media channels and ideology, in the case of smart perception betting that leads to more valuable winnings, true enlightenment will have to be researched from an educated perspective. Making sense of sports bets numbers and odds can be confusing. A number that features on almost every bet is the magic -110. Sports books work on an over round principle meaning that in order to cover all bets and hoping for equal action on both outcomes, bookies cover bets by accepting wagers over the 100% mark. This means that you need to wager 110 credits to win 100. In this way the sports book insures against the houses loss.

Money line betting is a wager on a particular team to win the contest outright. Simplified and less intensely odds focused, money line betting gets down to brass tax.

Niche Sports Bets

Niche Bets are an interesting bag of tricks. Niche bets offer punters in New Zealand with entertaining sports bets that are considered out the box thinking and sports bets perspective. Niche bets can prove lucrative especially if punters have prior knowledge in a particular sporting market. Niche bets include wagering on length of opening ceremonies, lengths of commercial breaks, top goal scorer, the amount of fouls and cards in a game, first team to put points on the board, first player to be substituted and many more.

Going Mobile

With the advent of the Internet and dramatic advances in technology are spreading virally through the consumer market. Many punters prefer mobile devices to cumbersome personal computers, which do not allow for the same level of convenience. Sportsbooks understand these needs and have reacted by creating mobile apps, which allow for nearly identical functionality to static device sites.