Club Liberté in Review for Casino Players

The Seychelles is well known as one of the world’s most famous holiday destinations. Thousands of tourists gather here for a beachside getaway every year. Whenever one thinks of this location, crystal blue waters, white beach sand and plenty of palm trees come to mind. For many, the destination serves as the ultimate definition of paradise. However, it is about to get a whole lot more exciting, as Club Liberté, a boutique casino, is set to open its doors there soon. Below, you will find a little bit more information on the casino, as well as what it will have to offer its players.

The Setting

Of course, Club Liberté is going to provide players with the same sense of luxury that the Seychelles provides all of its visitors. The casino will be located at the lavish Four Seasons Resort at Petite Anse. It is said that when it opens in July of 2016, players will be met with décor that speaks to tropical and contemporary design. The whole idea behind it is to create the feel of a plantation house. The gambling area itself will also hold true to the overall theme of the casino and as a whole, is anticipated to raise the bar of the Seychelles’ casino offerings.

The Games on Offer

At Club Liberté, players can expect to be able to enjoy all of the classic casino games that have become so well loved over the past few years. The main floor of the casino will include two poker tables, as well as three blackjack tables and four roulette tables. Furthermore, the casino will also boast an exclusive VIP room, where VIPs can enjoy all of the above mentioned games in a unique setting.

Of course, no casino would be complete without a healthy dose of exciting slot machines like you see here. Club Liberté will also house about 30 state-of-the-art slot machines, which will include popular reels and video slots. All of these games will be linked to the casino’s loyalty program.

Other Facilities

Club Liberté will, of course, offer more than just casino games. The complex will also be home to an impressive cocktail bar, a sushi restaurant and plenty of other gourmet offerings. Furthermore, whenever a guest steps into the establishment, they will be greeted by various forms of entertainment, including live music acts. Naturally, all of the above will also be steeped in the contemporary tropical décor that will carry throughout the casino.

While Club Liberté may not even have opened its doors yet, it is sure to bring plenty of joy and entertainment to the lives of those who visit it. It promises a whole host of classic casino offerings, but this time, the overall theme and décor will provide a unique twist that not many players have had the opportunity of seeing before. With so much already on offer in the Seychelles, this casino is sure to add to the glitz, glamour and exclusivity that has become associated with this famed holiday destination.