All You Need To Know About Online Betting

Online Betting Options

When entering the online world of betting, it is important to know the rules and regulations of the country that monitors the gambling of its citizens. This is especially important to the residents of New Zealand, as the country has undergone some dramatic transformations in terms of its gambling policies. Bettors are advised to read about the rules that are in place, how the government enforces them, and how they can bet safely and comfortably on international betting sites.

Online Betting Gambling Act

The most important aspect to consider for new bettors is the Gambling Act of 2003 that was instituted by the New Zealand government that covers all betting NZ. This act essentially completely legalised gambling within the country, but added a series of restrictions to betting locally. This can be broken down into two main classes, where class 1 applies to the average bettor, and class two applies to organisations that manage any type of betting, such as bookmakers and casinos.

For the average bettor, the class 1 gambling law permits all forms of betting, as long as the bettor does not accept a cut from the betting amount, and that the amount won does not exceed $500. It should be noted that these rules do not apply to those wishing to bet online, as online betting, in general, tend to be unregulated by the government. Taxation on gambling is another piece of legislation that has been set in place by the New Zealand government, but this should not affect most bettors as being taxed on any winnings will occur very rarely.

Online Betting

There are three main aspects to consider before checking out sites like eSports betting AU. The first is liability. New Zealand bettors are exempt from liability in terms of local betting NZ. If the bettor wishes to make use of an offshore bookmaking or casino websites, the policies of the jurisdiction of that specific site will be enforced should any problems arise, and the New Zealand government will not assist those bettors that encounter any issues while making use of these sites.

The New Zealand Racing Board controls all sports betting within the country. This control extends only to betting done on sporting events that take place within the borders of the country, and the Racing Board will not extend its restrictions to those that take part in sports betting on an international level. This means that bettors are freely able to take wagers out on sports events around the world, with the same level of freedom as any other type of offshore gambling.

Lastly, poker is not illegal or prohibited by any means by the New Zealand government, and like other types of betting, poker played from online sites can be done at the bettor’s leisure.

Online Betting Overall

Thanks to new legislation, gambling and betting NZ is easy, efficient, and does not carry any sort of penalty, provided the bettor ensures that the casino or bookmaking site they are using has its servers located outside of New Zealand.