A Brief Look At Retromania Slot Game

Over the past few years, online slot games have become one of the most popular forms of online casino games around. These games are easy to play and incredibly accessible to players of almost every level. Furthermore, the themes that these games are based on have all been designed to appeal to a number of different players. This can be seen in a game like Retromania slot, created by Endorphina. This game is perfect for players who enjoy a bit of a throwback to a few of recent history’s most iconic eras, particularly the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s. This slot game is a celebration of all three of the aforementioned decades and aside from this, also gives its players plenty of chance to win.

The Imagery

These days, many of the online slot games we are so used to seeing focus heavily on complicated, 3D images. However, when it comes to Retromania slot game, it is quite the opposite, something which is particularly fitting given the game’s overall theme. For one, the game’s symbols are quite different and far off from the likes of what we have become used to. On the reels themselves, players can expect to see telephones, camera film and classic records. All of these symbols are presented in a colour scheme that speaks unmistakably to the decades on which the game focuses. With reds, blues, oranges and yellow in grainy overtones, the game’s overall theme is expertly conveyed.

The Take Risk Feature

It’s always fun and exciting when online slot games have an extra feature to offer players that add an element of risk. While this always represents the chance to loose a significant amount, it also represents a chance to gain just as much. Retromania slot game has a ‘Take Risk’ option specifically for this. Once they have activated this NZ slots for real money feature, players need to choose one of four cards, all of which have been placed face down. If the player chooses a card that is of a higher value than that of the dealer, they will win some extra money. Should they choose a card of a lower value, they will lose.

A Free Version Is Available

Should players wish to first practice Retromania slot game without putting down any real money first, they are more than welcome to try the free version of this game. However, it must be noted that when players opt for a free game, because they haven’t put any money down on the reels, they won’t be able to win any either. Having said this, the free version of the game does actually make for fantastic practice until players feel absolutely confident in their online slot playing abilities.

At the end of the day, Retromania slot game has a lot to offer players. From first practicing with the free game, to enjoying all of the retro imagery, as well as trying their luck on the Take Risk feature, this game is sure to deliver on the entertainment it promises.